8 - 9 November 2024 therapie HAMBURG
A product of: Motion Solutions GmbH

Curtain up for the perfect 3D movement and balance training!

Discover the completely new therapeutic possibilities offered by the MotionStage® from moso®. From a stable base position, you can move it in all dimensions – either spontaneously or following a programmed pattern. This gives your patients a sense of security and allows you to conduct a wide range of exercises, from basic exercises with severely multiply disabled individuals to rehabilitation training for top athletes. The MotionStage can be easily and quickly adapted to all body positions, enabling your patients of all ages to use it, for example, while sitting, lying down, standing, or on all fours. The millimeter-precise and smooth movements of the MotionStage® allow you to perform a broad and individually optimized therapy spectrum, from very simple and sensitively controlled movements to demanding rehab training.


Mr. Volker Neumann
Head of Marketing Motion Solutions GmbH


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